Community Leadership and Impact Conference

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MAY 1-3, 2019

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United Way’s extensive network of problem solvers seeks out and tackles the greatest challenges of our time. From financial wellness, to healthcare access, to school preparedness, United Way provides the necessary services and support to empower communities worldwide. Our work relies on dedicated changemakers who raise their voices about the societal struggles that matter most to them. Join our efforts as an Advocate to highlight the issues that your organization is most passionate about and how your partnership with United Way creates opportunities for greater social impact. 

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Breakout Session Pod Host (5 available)

During each of the 6 breakout session time slots, 5 custom designed spaces will feature interactive discussions, workshops and Q&A sessions.

  • Logo placement in a designated breakout space that highlights your commitment to United Way’s philanthropic mission 
  • Collaborate with United Way Worldwide to decide how CLIC will address the social issues that matter most to your organization and in what session format

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Film Festival Host (1 available)

Like many of us, a filmmaker’s passion often stems from a conflict that they’ve seen or experiences. During this evening activity, we’ll screen a film (or portion of it) and host a dialogue with the filmmaker on the issue they present.

  • Opportunity for one of your representatives to introduce content during the festival 
  • Collaboration with United Way Worldwide to select film and develop conversation guide that facilitates discussion between filmmaker and attendees 
  • Announcement from general session stage

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Join us to shape the future of philanthropy with changemakers from around the world at the Community Leadership and Impact Conference.

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We're here to help! Contact us anytime with questions about the Community Leadership and Impact Conference.

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Lounge Host (3 available)

Host a lounge space, available for attendees to eat lunch, network and relax outside the main event space. Design elements can connect your brand with its solutions to issues critical to building stronger communities.

  • Collaboration with United Way Worldwide on lounge design and furniture selection to optimize networking opportunities for attendees and reinforce brand identity 
  • Branded display within lounge that signals your partnership with United Way in our fight for the welfare of local and global communities 
  • 4 co-branded pop up banners that link your organization to United Way’s high-impact initiatives
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Meal Host (3 available)

Meals will be available to attendees during breakout sessions from a pick-up location. Your messaging around issues of food insecurity, healthy lifestyles and/or environmental concerns can be highlighted throughout the day’s food service.

  • Branded display in meal pick-up location, spotlighting impact collaboration between you and United Way 
  • Announcement from general session stage acknowledging your role hosting the meal 
  • Branded meal materials (i.e. sticker on boxed lunch, etc.) that increase your visibility and associate your brand with United Way’s health and food insecurity interventions
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United Quest Host (1 available)

Launched at reception, this networking opportunity will continue throughout the event. Attendees will select a name from a wall, and their quest is to find this person at some point in the week and ask them a question. Excellent opportunity to demonstrate the power of connections.

  • High-visibility placement of your logo on our United Quest display to connect your brand with our transformative community work
  • Collaboration with United Way Worldwide to select engaging questions that will facilitate networking opportunities and foster a stronger philanthropic community among attendees 
  • Present prizes to Questers for activity completion from your branded booth 
  • Present grand prize to the winning Quester from the general session stage
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Teaming up with us as an Advocate at CLIC is an unmatched opportunity to shape not just this program, but also the future conversations around philanthropy.