Community Leadership and Impact Conference

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MAY 1-3, 2019

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Each day at CLIC, we'll dive into a certain topic. These signature sessions, repeated several times daily, provide a framework for the rest of our content and are the foundation for building social capital in the digital age.

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WEDNESDAY, MAY 1: United Way of the Future

United Way has been a disruptor since the beginning. To remain the global leader in privately funded philanthropy, we must continue to evolve with the communities, partners, and stakeholders we serve. Small startups and large enterprise organizations alike are embracing productivity, flexibility and adaptation at tremendous speed. How can we activate our worldwide network together to lean into a growth mindset, harness innovation, leverage insights and ensure agility at scale together? Working with local leaders across markets, we have designed a framework and vital behaviors that position us to do just that. Join us as we preview tomorrow’s United Way.

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THURSDAY, MAY 2: Building Social Capital Through Shared Purpose: The Next Generation of Corporate Philanthropy

Hope isn’t a one man band, and United Way knows that only by mobilizing the full power of our communities can we truly win our fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. At the core of this mobilization is the essential need to re-energize our corporate partners by transforming United Way from being “part” of their philanthropic spectrum to being their strategic philanthropic partner. How do we help our corporate partners drive better business value? How do we help employees find purpose? How do we stay relevant and competitive? United Way will bring the full suite of our capabilities, including Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud, to define and lead the next generation of corporate philanthropy.

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FRIDAY, MAY 3: Compelling Digital Content

The ways in which we consume content continue to change rapidly and are fragmented across multiple platforms. Consumers now want immediate access to content via various formats: video, newsletter, podcast, social feeds, voice, linear-TV and more. How are we evolving in the face of these realities as modern media consumption lives at the intersection of these formats? This session will explore innovative strategies in content distribution from industry pros.

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CLIC is where we change the world.

During CLIC (Community Leadership & Impact Conference), United Way brings together corporate leaders with our global network of community impact executives and board leaders to harness our collective resources in the fight for stronger communities around the world.

Discover new approaches to issues impacting your community. Connect with other individuals and organizations whose priority issues align with yours. Understand innovative new strategies designed to amplify your efforts.

United Way is the philanthropic marketplace – the intersection of corporate and community. We are an established philanthropic powerhouse with an extensive network of investors, advocates, local volunteers and innovative, digital engagement tools that inspire individuals to connect with causes that move them.

CLIC is the central gathering for organizations dedicated to changing the world.

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We are gathering some of the most highly respected professionals in the industry to discuss the role in scaling companies in today's environment, to join us at CLIC 2019. These esteemed speakers and panelists will join us in Toronto:

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CLIC Provides an Unmatched Opportunity for Your Brand

United Way offers a variety of sponsorship packages and promotional opportunities that can be customized to meet your overall marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your company’s commitment to bringing people and organizations together to build innovative solutions that impact millions of lives every year.

Here are some numbers for you: 1,500 people, including United Way staff, volunteers, strategic partners, donors and more. Global representation across 28 countries and territories, 30+ sponsors/exhibitors and 100+ educational sessions - all in one place. It doesn’t get any bigger or better or smarter than this.


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$1,095 USD

Register now and save $100 off the standard registration fee! This rate will be available until April 8, 2019.


$1,195 USD

Join us to shape the future of philanthropy with changemakers from around the world.


$1,295 USD

We welcome registrations onsite if you decide you just can’t miss this event!

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Join us to shape the future of philanthropy with changemakers from around the world at the Community Leadership and Impact Conference.

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We're here to help! Contact us anytime with questions about the Community Leadership and Impact Conference.

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