Major Gift Academy and Tocqueville Training

This course is for seasoned professionals and newcomers.
You will learn everything you need to know about how to raise major gifts and strengthen your Tocqueville Society.

This unique opportunity offers comprehensive major gift training opportunities, with a Tocqueville twist, for United Way network professionals, whether you are a veteran or are new-to-the-craft. Representing various skill levels, market sizes and areas of geography, timing couldn’t be better to enhance your major giving efforts this year! Whether you infuse gifts of $10,000, $1 million or $10 million—increased major individual investments will help your United Way fight for improved health, education and financial stability in your community.

For the first time, United Way is teaming up with Veritus Group's Major Gift Academy to deliver a customized and critical addition to the overall major gifts training. The Tocqueville Program Training is a 10-step module designed specifically to enhance your organization's Tocqueville strategy within the broader framework of a comprehensive major gift effort.
Why Major Gift Academy and Tocqueville Program Training?

The greatest potential we have as a network to increase giving (and thereby impact our communities) is by continuing to grow and strengthen our major gift programs.

  1. Reignite your passion for this work as you gain ideas, tools, strategies and approaches in major gifts.
  2. Define your focus on qualified donors, individualized goals and plans, moves management, writing proposals and learning a new model for asking for a gift.
  3. Create solutions by collaborating and brainstorming current challenges on live calls with your colleagues and Veritus Group experts.


Content and Time to Complete

The Major Gift Academy's Certification Course for Major Gift Fundraisers is a 9-Module, 36 CFRE credit course that will take approximately 3-5 hours every module over 13 weeks. It includes:

  • Multimedia discussions of each module’s material, from “how to think about major gifts” all the way to a model for asking and a tool to track your planned moves with each individual donor.
  • Articles and White Papers for more in-depth reading on each module’s learning goals.
  • Creation of a customized Integration Plan that you will take with you after the course to implement the important skills and tools you’ve learned.
  • NEW! Just for United Way, a bonus 9th module: Tocqueville Program Training will be introduced into the webinar. This bonus module is designed to integrate real time success to start, strengthen or reinvigorate the Tocqueville Society in your local community.


Benefits of this Online Course

  • It is scalable and affordable
  • Integration of learning to action occurs at a higher rate as a result of application assignments, integration planning, live conversations and processing information over time
  • Group coaching provided by live calls with United Way peers and Veritus Group experts
  • Proven success documented by evaluations and references
  • One-on-one donor assessment and consultation 
  • Veritus Group’s unique Donor Attrition Analysis – offered at NO COST – will show you if there is a problem with your organizations donor file 

 A multi-media extravaganza of learning
: In our training you get video, podcasts, webinars, live call-ins, and participation in an MGA Facebook group that includes fundraisers from other organizations worldwide–all designed to keep you motivated and focused. You will NEVER be bored.

Interactive Sessions: That’s right. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from your peers what’s working, and the challenges that everyone is facing. This is probably the highlight of the course. There is always great interaction from your colleagues all over the country that are just as passionate as you about their work.

36 CFRE Credits: Not only will you come away from your training inspired with new knowledge and tools; you also get a ton of credit toward your CFRE status. 

Put it all into action immediately:  What good is learning something if you can’t apply it? With this training you put everything into practice as you learn it. By the time you’re done, you will have the confidence and know-how that you need to soar with your portfolio of donors.

Who is Veritus Group?

Veritus Group was founded by Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels to help major gift fundraisers improve their results through data-driven accountability. For more than a decade, their team has been working alongside hundreds of nonprofits and fundraisers working in major gifts in the United States, Canada and Europe. Veritus Group created Major Gift Academy to make their in-the-trenches best practices available to a wider audience.

Major Gift Academy courses teach the philosophies, approaches, systems, tools, and skills that have proven successful in large and small nonprofits from every philanthropic sector. We have not seen a major gift course as comprehensive as this, with a proven track record, which increases funds significantly through a donor-centered, structured, disciplined, and accountable fundraising program. Quite honestly, this program helps major gift officers regain and retain their joy of fundraising.

Tocqueville Program Training Module

Tocqueville Society—the platform to engage your high net worth donors and key volunteers—is a gateway and pipeline development tool to broaden your overall major gift effort. That’s why United Way Worldwide is offering this training program designed to start, strengthen or reinvigorate the Tocqueville Society in your local community.

To do this, we have gathered information and best practices from the most successful major gift professionals and United Way leaders throughout the network and incorporated them into a Tocqueville specific module to elevate your local program and raise significant investments. By empowering you to spend less time in the office and more time meeting with donors and building relationships you will propel your United Way's work forward.

With a back-to-basics approach—and by meeting you where you are—this training provides a 10-step outline to address the main challenges standing between you and greater success with major individual giving, both inside and outside the workplace. Covered, will be important topics like:

  • securing support and resources from your CEO
  • recruiting your volunteer Tocqueville champion and cabinet
  • setting goals and tracking progress
  • stewarding and engaging your donors and key volunteers


Training Costs
The registration fee for this program is $1,395 for the first attendee from your United Way and $1,295 for additional attendees.

This program is normally $1,997, but United Way is able to bring this to you for the much lower price quoted above, PLUS offer you the bonus 9th Module specifically about the Tocqueville Society.
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