What We Do

The Learning & Conferencing team is here to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to make the greatest impact in your local community! With colleagues from across the United Way Worldwide team and from around the global United Way network, our team designs conferences and events to train, develop, motivate and inspire your staff. Our biennial United Way Community Leadership and Impact Conference brings together corporate leaders with our global network of community impact executives to harness our collective resources in the fight for stronger communities around the world. Most of our programs are designed for those who are part of the United Way network - local United Way staff, volunteers, advocates, donors and more. Unless otherwise noted, attendance is not restricted.

  • Need to learn how to create a strategic plan? We can help you find the toolkit online.
  • Want to know how that other United Way grew their revenue by 15% last year? Take a look at the newly updated Donor-Centered Fundraising course.
  • Can't figure out how to work with your local labor liaison? Maybe you should attend the annual United Way Labor Partnership Conference.
Types of Programs

In order to best accommodate the schedules, budgets, learning styles and needs of United Way staff throughout the network, we customize content in a variety of formats. Below you’ll see some of the formats we’re currently offering.

  • LEARNING COURSES are in-person OR virtual and provide a deep dive into relevant content. These courses have specific learning objectives and usually range in size from 10-30 attendees.Most learning courses are offered multiple times in a calendar year. NEW FOR 2019 – learning courses will be offered in multiple locations with our Regional Learning Hosts at Mile High United Way and United Way of Central Ohio!
  • CONFERENCES offer both plenary and breakout sessions on a range of topics, with a healthy dose of networking.Conferences generally have at least 75-100 attendees, or more, and cover a wide range of related topics.Conferences are offered no more than once per year.
  • WEBINARS, hosted online, often via Adobe Connect, are primarily informational presentations on specific topics and are hosted by various functional areas (like Resource Development or Impact).

You'll find more information on pages about each individual learning program or conference on its specific website. Some resources (such as course rosters and many handouts) are available only through United Way Online (available to all United Way staff and most volunteers). Beyond the items listed here, United Way Worldwide also offers a wide range of virtual training and webinars; check United Way Online for the latest on these types of programs.

We invite you to take a look at what's on the current event calendar for this year and hope to see you soon!