Learning Courses

From OVERVIEW OF UNITED WAY to DONOR-CENTERED FUNDRAISING we provide courses to onboard and develop the skills and abilities of our staff and volunteers. New in 2019 will be regional training locations—held at Mile High United Way (in Denver, CO) and United Way of Central Ohio (in Columbus, OH) and in Alexandria, VA. It’s never been easier to access the training you need, when you need it and within close proximity.

Whether offered in person or online, these compelling courses are curated especially with United Way’s structure and strategic priorities in mind. Beyond the insightful content and engaging presenters, participants have a unique chance to connect with peers from around the network in new and engaging ways.

Learn more about our portfolio of learning courses and when they will be offered by clicking on the event names below:

Bring to Your United Way
All the courses that we offer can be hosted at your United Way. These are courses that can be facilitated at your United Way for your staff, for your community, or both. Hosting these programs can help reduce travel expenses and enable you to scale—by getting more staff and volunteers trained with traditional or customized content and delivery based on the needs of your United Way. If you see a course in the list above that you’d like to bring to your United Way or are interested in other training at your location, please contact learning.opportunities@unitedway.org.

Upcoming IN-PERSON Learning Courses
Start DateEnd DateInformationCityStateRegister
01/09/202001/10/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising MiamiFloridaRegister Now
01/13/202001/15/2020Onboard United! Overview of United WayMiamiFloridaRegister Now
01/28/202001/29/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising for CEOsMiamiFloridaRegister Now
01/29/202001/31/2020Introduction to Financial Operations and AccountabilityMiamiFloridaRegister Now
02/03/202002/04/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising MiamiFloridaRegister Now
02/26/202002/27/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising for CEOs MiamiFloridaRegister Now
03/11/202003/13/2020Onboard United! Overview of United Way AlexandriaVirginiaRegister Now
03/25/202003/27/2020Onboard United! Overview of United WayDenverColoradoRegister Now
04/08/202004/09/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising AlexandriaVirginiaRegister Now
04/14/202004/15/2020Donor-Centered FundraisingDenverColoradoRegister Now
04/16/202004/17/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising for CEOsDenverColoradoRegister Now
04/22/202004/23/2020Donor-Centered FundraisingColumbusOhioRegister Now
04/29/202004/30/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising for CEOsAlexandriaVirginiaRegister Now
05/05/202005/06/2020Donor-Centered FundraisingDenverColoradoRegister Now
06/03/202006/04/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising for CEOsColumbusOhioRegister Now
06/03/202006/05/2020Onboard United! Overview of United WayAlexandriaVirginiaRegister Now
06/10/202006/11/2020Donor-Centered Fundraising for CEOsAlexandriaVirginiaRegister Now
06/23/202006/24/2020Donor-Centered FundraisingAlexandriaVirginiaRegister Now
10/07/202010/09/2020Onboard United! Overview of United Way AlexandriaVirginiaRegister Now
InformationStart DateEnd DateCityStateRegister
Major Gift Academy and Tocqueville Training  [More Info]12/02/201904/10/2020Virtual ProgramRegister Now