Fundraising for Impact Summit & Women United Summit

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

MARCH 24-27, 2020

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The Fundraising for Impact Summit and all related meetings scheduled for the week of March 23 in Fort Lauderdale are cancelled.

The Women United Summit and all related meetings scheduled for the week of March 23 in Fort Lauderdale are cancelled. We will RESCHEDULE the Women United Summit.

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Great news! The hotel room reservation deadline for Finance, Talent & Technology Forum has been extended. You now have until this Thursday, August 22 to book a  room in our secured room block at the conference venue, Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach. Use the link you received after completing registration for the Forum to reserve your hotel room at a discounted price. After August 22, we cannot guarantee that rooms will still be available at the venue, so make sure to reserve your hotel room soon!

If you have yet to register for the Forum, we have good news for you, too! The early bird registration deadline has also been extended to this Thursday, August 22. Take a moment to sign up and save $100 on the cost of registration. Don't forget to book your hotel room!

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Like the ever-changing communities we serve, philanthropy is evolving.  The tools that served us five or ten or thirty years ago are no longer delivering the same ROI. To continue our fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community, we must discover innovative approaches, build new partnerships, consider different resources and open our minds to creative solutions never-before possible.  

But how? How do you accelerate revenue growth?  How do you increase engagement among your donors?  How do you establish relationships with new partners or with companies whose participation is lagging?  How do you harness the passion of your community toward a more equitable future for everyone? How do you develop impactful programs which are sustainable in your local community?

United Way proudly hosts the Fundraising for Impact Summit and the Women United Summit in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  We invite you to join us and other hand raisers and game changers from United Ways around the world to build a foundation to inspire and deliver community change for years to come.  Guided by the principles of the Modern United Way blueprint, both conferences offer concepts, strategies and tactics designed to empower your United Way to increase its impact for years to come.

From March 24-26, more than 400 impact, fundraising and marketing staff come together at the Fundraising for Impact Summit (FFIS).  This program provides a platform for United Way professionals to share strategies for accelerating revenue growth, developing donor- and corporate-centered fundraising, collaborating cross-functionally to build scalable community solutions, and telling stories that engage stakeholders.  In addition, from March 25-27, we’re hosting the Women United Summit, where United Way staff and our most dedicated WOMEN UNITED volunteers celebrate the incredible impact that women have made in their communities and envision how to bring more powerful, passionate women to our fight.

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With 4 plenary sessions and more than 30 signature and breakout sessions, we are compiling a diverse roster of experts from United Ways, corporate leaders and more to share their insights with you.

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FTTF Provides an Unmatched Opportunity for Your Brand

United Way offers a variety of sponsorship packages and promotional opportunities that can be customized to meet your overall marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your company’s commitment to bringing people and organizations together to build innovative solutions that impact millions of lives every year.

Here are some numbers for you: 500 people, including United Way staff, volunteers, strategic partners, donors and more. Global representation across 28 countries and territories, 30+ sponsors/exhibitors and 100+ educational sessions - all in one place. It doesn’t get any bigger or better or smarter than this.


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The below fees are the early bird prices for the Fundraising for Impact Summit and Women United Summit. Register before March 13 to receive these $100 discounted rates!

Click here to view the full fee structure for Fundraising for Impact Summit.

Click here to view the full fee structure for Women United Summit.

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Fundraising for Impact Summit ONLY

$995 USD

Select this option if you plan to only attend the Fundraising for Impact Summit.

Women United Summit ONLY

$595 USD

Select this option if you plan to only attend the Women United Summit.

Fundraising for Impact Summit AND Women United Summit

$1,395 USD

Select this option if you plan to attend both the Fundraising for Impact Summit and Women United Summit.

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Join us to help accelerate the Modern United Way at the Fundraising for Impact Summit & Women United Summit. Register before March 13 to receive $100 off!

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We're here to help! Contact us anytime with questions about the Fundraising for Impact Summit & Women United Summit.

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