Community Leadership and Impact Conference

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MAY 1-3, 2019

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NOW AVAILABLE! For the first time, we're making some of the swag from CLIC available through the United Way Store! These popular items can be ordered and shipped directly to you. Consider this a LIMITED EDITION or CAPSULE COLLECTION that won't be around forever! These items feature the creative from CLIC and are not replacing our United Way brand guidelines, but can be used to freshen up your current look. Who doesn't need a snazzy branded United Way pillow? Place your order soon!

CLIC Pillows 

CLIC Lanyards 

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Want to relive your time in Toronto or see what the hype is all about? Click here for access to CLIC photos, available until June 28.

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The UNIGNORABLE gear at CLIC was such a hit! If you need more goodies to share with your team, click here. UNIGNORABLE, a color created by Pantone exclusively for a partnership with United Way Centraide Canada, is part of the SHOW YOUR LOCAL LOVE campaign.*

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*We understand that there is interest in purchasing the Unignorable gear that was shared during CLIC. Both the Unignorable campaign and its exclusive Pantone(R) color were developed using specific geographic research and insights and are intended for use only in the Canadian market. Both the Unignorable campaign and Pantone(R) color are NOT reflective of the US-based national campaign (generated using US research and insights) or the current Brand Standards and Guidelines.

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Join us to shape the future of philanthropy with changemakers from around the world at the Community Leadership and Impact Conference.

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We're here to help! Contact us anytime with questions about the Community Leadership and Impact Conference.

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