We’ve listed below some of the most commonly asked questions for you below. If there’s something we’ve missed, please email us at learning.opportunities@unitedway.org.
What should I bring?
We will provide any materials you need for the conference when you check in at registration. The only things you need to bring are your enthusiasm and expertise, and plenty of business cards to hand out to all your new contacts.
What if I need to cancel a registration?
We're sorry that you won't be able to join us! Please check your registration receipt for the cancellation policy specific to the event. Cancellation requests can be made by modifying your registration.
Where can I find more information on flexible credits?
Visit our flexible credit policy on United Way Online to access details about everything related to flexible credits.
Where do I locate the per diem for each flex-credit-eligible event?
Great question! For conferences, the per diem will be located on the FAQ page of the conference website. For learning programs, navigate to the "Learning Opportunities" tab, select the program you're interested in, and scroll to the "dates and locations" section of the page. When you click "more info" for any program, you will find the per diem specific to that event.