United Way Worldwide offers a variety of learning programs, remote courses, and conferences designed specifically for members of the United Way network. While the program content is curated for a United Way audience, some programs may be of interest to United Way board members, volunteers and other community partners. Although the details of each program may vary, our general policies for learning opportunities and conferences are outlined below. Please review the event and registration details carefully for specific information provided for each program. Should you have any questions, please contact us at learning.opportunities@unitedway.org.


In order to host programs cost-efficiently, sufficient enrollment is required to confirm a program. Once we reach the target attendance for learning programs, registrants will receive an email to begin making travel arrangements - approximately 4-6 weeks before the program.

CONFERENCE REGISTRANTS: Please feel free to make your travel arrangements as soon as you receive your registration confirmation.

LEARNING PROGRAM REGISTRANTS: Please refrain from making non-refundable travel arrangements until you receive an email confirming that the course will run. In the event of a course cancellation, United Way Worldwide will not reimburse any expenses incurred prior to the confirmation email being sent.


After a learning program is confirmed until 2 weeks prior to the program start date, the cancellation fee is $75. Cancellation requests received less than two weeks prior to the program start date will be subject to a $300 cancellation fee.

Conference registration deadlines vary. Please review the event website and the registration information specific to your conference.

Cancellation requests for all learning programs and conferences must be submitted in writing to learning.opportunities@unitedway.org.


For programs hosted by United Way Worldwide, registrants who are part of the United Way network will be emailed a link to a travel reimbursement form within 5 business days of the program’s completion. For other programs which are approved for flexible credits (sometimes referred to as flex credits), please review the detailed policy on United Way Online (see below for link). Once the form has been sent, each registrant will have 10 business days to complete it. After the deadline has passed, the form cannot be submitted. Attendees can receive reimbursement for travel, hotel and meal expenses within the following limitations:

  • Travel: Attendees may request up to $500 reimbursement for travel from their United Way’s flexible credits. Any travel costs in excess of $500 would be the responsibility of the individual or United Way. Travel expenses include any airline or train tickets, taxi fares, and rental car or privately owned vehicle mileage (# of miles x $0.54).
  • Per diem: For each event, UWW will calculate an appropriate per diem, which includes hotel expenses as well as any meals not provided during the program. Attendees will be able to request reimbursement for these expenses up to a maximum number of days determined by UWW and based upon the event length.

Travel reimbursements are sent directly to the United Way from its flexible credit account. The United Way will then need to reimburse the attendee for any expenses paid directly by the attendee for the program.


U.S.-based United Ways which are in full compliance with membership requirements receive a portion of their dues as flexible credits. For detailed information on flexible credit policies for United Ways within the United States, please click here. [NOTE that you will need to log in to United Way Online to access this page.]

United Ways in Canada are now eligible for flexible credits through United Way Centraide, and may access information on how their flexible credits are allocated, when they expire, and how to receive access to these credits by contacting UWW’s international team. The policy for United Ways Centraide can be accessed here.

Currently, United Ways outside of the US and Canada are not currently eligible for flexible credits.

BPM (BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MATRIX) and UW ORGANIZATION NUMBER are two fields that are required for most program registrations. This information is readily available through the Organization Directory on United Way Online; we encourage members of the United Way network to request log in information for this very useful network-wide intranet. Click here to find your BPM and UW ORGANIZATION NUMBERS on United Way Online.


Many learning programs are hosted by United Way Worldwide and held at our offices in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, minutes from Ronald Reagan National Airport just outside Washington, DC. The below information shares general information which may be useful in your planning. While some programs follow an alternate schedule, this information pertains to most of the learning opportunities we offer. Please review your registration and confirmation information carefully for specific details regarding your program.

A morning and afternoon snack will be served each day, but please plan to purchase your own lunch and dinner. Please also keep in mind that most hotels nearby serve a complimentary hot breakfast included in the cost of your room if you would like more than a light breakfast.

Please find an up-to-date listing of local restaurants here.

You will receive program materials onsite, so please remember to allow space for these materials when packing luggage for this program. The dress code for this course is “business casual.”

Please visit conferences.unitedway.org/visit701 for general travel information.