Consultative Engagement

JUST ANNOUNCED! Consultative Engagement will be hosted by United Way of King County on August 8-10, 2017.


Consultative Engagement, hosted exclusively for United Way at the United Way of King County, introduces a problem-solving mindset into our engagement with constituents: donors, volunteers, partners, and prospects. The interactive 3-day course offers you and your staff knowledge of the four steps of the consultative process that illustrate the four predictable feelings that may prevent someone from making or increasing a commitment: No Trust, No Need, No Help, and No Satisfaction.

After the course, participants will be aware of the process to increase competence and results, understand how to approach constituents with a problem-solving approach, and be able to describe the four phases of the Consultative Process and the obstacles which typically accompany each phase. This donor-centric course offers participants a chance to learn the necessary skills to develop and build relationships in today’s competitive environment. Join us for three days of best practices to build strong relationships with your United Way’s partners and to uncover their greatest needs and concerns.

100% of our 2016 participants indicated that, within 90 days of completing this course, they were using these newly learned skills in their work.

I work with transformational donors. It has helped me uncover more hidden needs that they don't tend to express.
I used the Purpose, Process, Payoff (PPP) technique for several meetings, including CEO visits. It has greatly improved our active listening at these meetings.

The four steps of the consultative process illustrate that there are four predictable feelings that may prevent someone from making or increasing a commitment: No Trust, No Need, No Help, and No Satisfaction. Thus, a staff member has four specific tasks:

  • Relating: Establishing credibility and trust.
  • Discovery: Gaining agreement on the constituent's needs.
  • Advocating: Presenting solutions in terms of benefits to the constituent.
  • Supporting: Servicing the supporter to assure satisfaction and increase opportunities.

Participants who have completed the program,

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the commitment process, as well as the skills needed to build the trust of all constituents.
  • Deepen their knowledge of what constituents think about: fears, concerns, expectations, and above all, their reasons for donating or collaborating.
  • Develop a new proficiency--that of a consultant-- in how they approach prospects, discover needs, present solutions, and foster better results.
  • Develop the attitudes of a consultant--empathy and the ability to lead supporters and others where they themselves wish to go.
  • See themselves as capable agents of the organization, highly motivated to reach new levels of performance, and greater esteem for your organization.

Organizations who integrate this approach into their process,

  • Reinforce the desired relationship management culture, surfacing the benefits and results needed to achieve the impact agenda.
  • Establish a common approach methodology, allowing for CRM systems to be uniformly used and information to be tracked in a consistent fashion.
  • Create a common language for use at all levels of the organization.
  • Establish a grounding of philosophy on donor and constituent interaction.

Our partners who facilitate this program, Strategic Enhancement Group, have worked with organizations large and small, domestic and global, corporate and not-for-profit, and across diverse industries to accomplish amazing results Over 150,000 people from 600 companies and organizations in 37 states and 33 countries have benefited from development opportunities that helped them increase their effectiveness. We are excited to offer this popular course for United Ways interested in reframing how they engage with stakeholders, partners, donors, and more. Accelerate your United Way’s growth and impact, while better understanding donor and partnership needs by registering today!


A detailed schedule will be emailed to participants after your registration is confirmed.The program runs from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. from August 8-10, 2017 in Seattle, Washington.

Registrations by July 13 for $895.00; after July 13, the standard registration fee of $995.00 applies.


After registration for this program, attendees will receive information about making travel and hotel arrangements. Please refrain from making any travel or hotel arrangements until receiving this information after registration. UWW will not reimburse any expenses incurred prior to the travel and hotel information being sent.