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Fundraising for Impact Summit

February 7, 2017 to February 9, 2017
| Phoenix, Arizona

We are excited to announce that the Impact Exchange and the Fundraising for Impact Summit will be held in collaboration in Phoenix, Arizona February 6-9, 2017! The Impact exchange will be held February 6-7, with the Fundraising for Impact Summit held February 7-9.

Connecting impact and revenue in a virtuous cycle gives your United Way the best opportunity to extend the reach of both efforts, ensuring maximum benefit to the communities you serve. Attendees will receive fundraising best practices – focused on accelerating revenue growth for our impact work, through donor-centered and corporate-centered fundraising practices. United Ways will share best practices, and outside speakers will share insights and key fundraising research – all while emphasizing United Way’s Network-Wide Strategy.

This collaborative networking opportunity will place an emphasis on the importance of cross-functional collaboration amongst resource development and community impact staff, for sustainable and scalable community practices.

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Featured Learning Solution

Introduction to Financial Operations and Accountability

February 7, 2017 to February 10, 2017
| Alexandria, Virginia

Every United Way, regardless of size, must earn and maintain the public's trust as a prerequisite for the privilege of serving its community. Sound business operations conducted with openness and accountability are critical to carrying out the United Way mission successfully. Participants in this program will gain a valuable overview of how to build and maintain effective and efficient business support functions such as financial management, internal controls, legal compliance, public reporting, investment policies, the United Way Worldwide membership requirements, and the United Way Standards of Excellence.

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Coming together as a network to learn, share and rejuvenate is an essential part of United Way’s collective impact work. Conferences, events and learning solutions allow for the sharing of best practices through a multitude of formal and informal networking opportunities that strengthen us as an interdependent network. Together, these learning solutions and events provide the opportunity for United Ways and their partners to transform lives and communities and inspire millions of people to give, advocate and volunteer. Please click here to subscribe to our monthly Learning & Conferencing Newsletter.

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